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Now, local law enforcement officers say they need Hot older game tonight cooperation in order to better police these parks. Residents say they're afraid for their lives, not knowing who their neighbors are and what dangers could be right next door.

Now residents say they are fed up and want action. It's not right for the people that are living here, that are trying to do things right.

We need to get the trouble-makers out of here," said frustrated resident Kevin Ely. Biloxi Police Chief Bruce Dunagan is trying to do just. But he says privacy laws are standing in the way.

He believes Congress should step in before this Its cold as a motherfucker situation gets worse. Let's put an addendum to this and let's make an exception for law enforcement in this country for future disasters," said Dunagan.

Dunagan says he simply wants names. He and his officers are willing to investigate the rest.

And I think the honest people in the trailer parks would like to know if that's going on right next to them," said Dunagan. FEMA trailer park resident Brenda Watson says there are some good people who live in her trailer park.

And then there's those that just seem to want to make people's lives miserable," said Watson. Let's not wait until the child is molested. Let's not wait some citizen is seriously injured and abused by some drug or gun fight going on in the trailer right next to them that nobody knew about," said Dunagan. He says the police have no way of knowing what types of people occupy those Lonely women looking for men to fuck.

He is urging everyone to contact their congressman about the issue.